Darkman (1990)

In this week's episode Craig and Geoff continue on their journey through Sam Raimi's filmography by taking a look at his dark superhero film, Darkman. Starring Liam Neeson it's a gothic film that is filled with 80's action and a few moments of madness. Craig and Geoff take a look at the film, it's journey to the screen and how it sits within Raimi's body of work so far.

The Evil Dead (1981)

In this week's episode, Craig and Geoff take a look at Sam Raimi's debut film, The Evil Dead. It's a film that was highly censored upon release and in some cases even banned. It's ingenuity and originality, coupled with its controversy sees the film now considered a cult horror classic. It's one heck of a ride and the guys have a great time chatting about all aspects of the film.