Episode 22 - Season Wrap: Robert Zemeckis

In this week's episode, and the final episode for Season One, Geoff and Craig look back at their journey through Robert Zemeckis's entire filmography. They discuss their favourite moments, elaborate on a few of their more infamous stories, take another look at Zemeckis's first and last (well maybe not in this case last) films, I Wanna Hold Your Hand and Allied, and they announce which director will be featured for Season Two.

Episode 21 - Welcome To Marwen (2018)

This week's episode sees Geoff and Craig discuss the 19th and final film of our look at Robert Zemeckis's theatrical filmography. It's been quite a journey and Welcome To Marwen is a film that has faced its own journey. Listen in as they talk the films challenges, the deep and tough themes tackled within the story and they way in which motion capture was finally a success.

Episode 17 - A Christmas Carol (2009)

In this week's episode, Geoff and Craig take one last adventure into the world of motion capture as we chat about A Christmas Carol. Robert Zemeckis's 15th film is a dark retelling of Charles Dicken's classic Christmas tale and in this weeks episode we discuss Jim Carrey's performance, the evolution of motion capture and Geoff goes down the rabbit hole of character development just a little too far.

Episode 15 - The Polar Express (2004)

Today on From First To Last Craig and Geoff are joined by a very, very special guest. Listen in as Geoff's 7year old daughter Evie sits down and talks about Robert Zemeckis's magical animated Christmas film, The Polar Express. Together they chat about motion capture technology, sing a few songs and learn the horrible history of rail car hobos.

Episode 9 - Back To The Future Part III (1990) w/ John Rorke

In this episode, Geoff and Craig are joined by Whistle Dixie's John Rorke, as they return to the Back To The Future world one last time. Listen in as they discuss the film, which character they think they are, that weird moment where Doc's son points to his you know what and the return of DEATH OF AN EXTRA!!!!!