Introduction to Zack Snyder: There’s Always Hope

Season two is back and I am so keen for what we will learn about Zack Snyder’s film making style and abilities. Last season I learned so much about Robert Zemeckis and my appreciation of him as a director grew immensely and that leaves me so excited for the possibilities for Season two.

If there is one element to this season that leaves me a little wary when it comes to Snyder’s filmography, it would be my past experiences of discussing with Craig the stage of his career when he was making DC films. My brother Craig is a massive Superman fan and while I won’t go into too much detail, as it’s not my place to speak for Craig, the biggest failing in Craig’s eyes for these films is Snyder’s understanding of the character of Superman varies greatly to his own. As you can imagine there have been many a heated conversation regarding this and when we really boil it down, my fear is that the entire season might be tainted with the same brush that very firmly dislikes so greatly the back end of his filmography.  

It's so easy to take a film, pick apart its faults and tear it down and heck, I’d be lying if I didn’t say it can also be a heck of a lot of fun. Directors Adam Green and Joe Lynch host a great podcast called The Movie Crypt, during one of the episodes they tell a story about how a group of friends frequently saw films together and during those screenings they would make jokes and jibes about the film and generally the crowd around them had laughs with them. It was good natured fun at a films expense while still respecting the film and the medium they so dearly love, not unlike Mystery Science Theatre 3000 (seriously check it out if you haven’t, it’s bonkers fun). They tell of how during one screening of a film their group of film lovers began to joke as per usual, when a random film goer decided to join in on the fun. The problem was that his jokes were less kind in their nature, they were tearing the film down and suddenly their fun had been soiled.

When you really think about it, this is a pretty good analogy of how the internet can be when it comes to films. What began as good natured, lost its way and without diving too deep into internet etiquette and the decline of acceptance, this was my fear about season two. That we would cross that line of good natured fun and journey into full blown tear downs of his work. The possibility was extremely high that our Superman related episodes would become an epic battle of Geoff v Craig. I was so wary of us losing our heart in all of this which is always to see the good in things and never stray into the abyss that is negative land.

The decision to have Snyder as our second season director was made before we even began season one. In fact, as we’ve mentioned a few times, we’ve mapped out the first five directors (which we can’t wait to share who Season three is!). As Season one progressed, Craig and I sporadically discussed off air how we felt about the upcoming season and the more we fell in love with Robert Zemeckis’s work, the more I saw Craig’s attitude towards Zack Snyder’s film shift. In one of those profound ways it made me realise that nobody is completely closed to change, as much as it may seem like they are.

So what do I hope for Season two? My biggest hope is that it’s going to bring healing and understanding for Craig, as you heard in Episode 1 he hasn’t watched the Superman related films since they were released at the cinemas. Last season showed me that watching a film as a singular entity can bring a far greater understanding than when it’s viewed in the context of a collective body of work. My hope is that films like Man of Steel, Batman v Superman and Justice League will not be the status quo for his entire body of work and those earlier films that got so many films goers excited for Snyder’s potential will shine through. Also I just want my mate to like Superman again.

In a super corny way, season two is a lesson in hope. My hope is that it can be as much of a love letter to Zack Snyder as it was for Robert Zemeckis. We’ve got eight films to watch and then we’ll know how it goes. Either way it’ll be a stack of fun!

Big Love, Yeah